The Slashstreet Boys Return With New Parody "As Long As You're Bloody" [Video]

Slashstreet Boys As Long As You're Bloody

In what's become somewhat of a Halloween tradition, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Michael, and Ghostface have come together once again for a new Slashstreet Boys parody video.

Following the release of "Slashing Bodies" in 2017 and "I'll Kill You That Way" last Halloween season, the horror icons have dropped "As Long As You're Bloody," a parody of the Backstreet Boys' 1997 hit "As Long As You Love Me". Of course, the track has landed the group back on the Killboard Top 10.

Created by The Merkins, you can watch the full music video below and if you like what you see/hear, be sure to support them on Patreon!