The Cult Movie Network Features Movies Other Streaming Services Are Too Afraid To Show

Cult Movie etwork Slaughter Drive

Are you unsatisfied with what Shudder, Netflix, Hulu, etc. have to offer? Then you may want to check out The Cult Movie Network, which boasts the largest online streaming collection of your favorite B-movies. From ancient aliens to rampaging zombies, the streaming service offers up enough cheese, gore and thrills for the most seasoned underground horror buff!

Featuring titles from legendary cult film distributors like Darkside Releasing, Artsploitation Films, Severin Films, and Wild Eye Releasing, The Cult Movie Network hosts an impressive and growing compilation of B-movies you won’t find anywhere else. The service will release new titles every week, with a big drop coming on October 30th, including To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story. Cult movie fans can unite around their favorite hidden gems with shareable, user-generated playlists, or discuss their favorite cheesy monster effects in the user reviews feature.

Guiding the experience is horror host Harvey Harbinger who introduces the audience to films through his own twisted, sociopathic lens.

The Cult Movie Network is available to new users as a 30 day free trial – (perfect for Halloween B-movie binge!) and after at no-budget monthly fee of $2.99 US / month ($29.00 US / year).

Cult Movie Network Streaming Service