[Review] "Dragula" Season 3, Episode 9: Back From The Dead (AKA The Last Supper)

Dragula Season 3 Episode 9 Review

I’m going to get this thought out of my head from the start, because it’s really been weighing on me, and I’m conflicted on how I feel about thinking this way.

This was an unexciting Last Supper.

On one hand, I feel myself betraying my thoughts from last season, given that there was so much drama, especially the James Majesty / Monikkie Shame beef that would have lasted longer had the latter not been axed two episodes in. On the other hand, I found myself waiting for someone to pop off and be a bitch for a lot of the season, and though it finally happened between Priscilla Chambers and Dollya Black (and it was scalding T when it was finally brewed, for sure), that was when the field of eleven was already down to five.

Instead of going top to bottom for this episode, I’m going to hit some of the highlights from what was a room-temperature reunion. This is more of an episode for the diehard "Dragula" fans like myself, and though it was not the wild, hot mess it was advertised to be, there were plenty of high spots to be covered.

Priscilla confesses, as the youngest contestant in the running, that she used to view pictures of Maddelynn Hatter, the third-oldest in the lineup, to learn how to paint a proper drag face. On one hand, Maddelynn is flattered, but on the other, ouch, that dates the New Yorker something fierce.

Yovska was one of my early favorites before the show finally kicked off, and I was gutted to see her get the axe three episodes into the competition. What did excite me, though, was how much of a smartass she could be, both on and off camera. If we’re being honest, I would probably be just as silver-tongued and assholish if I were on "Dragula", so at least this makes Yovska that much more relatable. Her zingers and one-liners definitely kept things fresh and exciting in the boudoir. Priscilla’s labeling of Yovska as “chubby Valentina” was a fucking awesome nod to Drag Race and the Puerto Rican princess, and had that little nudge nudge to hardcore drag television fans.

Dragula Season 3 Episode 9 Review

Maddelynn is referred to as the “queen of exterminations,” and that title confuses me. Season one’s Loris also had three rounds of extermination challenges, and season two’s Erika Klash and Abhora each had four times on the chopping block. Even in the scope of just season three, Priscilla could arguably be the extermination queen, as she was in the bottom three consecutive weeks, not to mention that she actually survived to the finale. That all being said, let’s not forget the iconic reactions that Maddelynn had during her exterminations, be it “Fuck the big picture, Clint!” or “That’s a lot of wires, cunt!”

Again, if those aren’t turned into T-shirts, I will be sorely disappointed.

The eight exterminated performers give their two cents’ worth on who should win the crown. Violencia, Yovska, Maxi, and Hollow Eve all vote for Landon Cider, while St. Lucia, Evah, Louisianna, and Maddelynn all side with Priscilla. For the second time in as many that this question has been asked (or at least, something similar), no one votes for Dollya.

Again, I say. OUCH.

When the finalists give their rebuttals, they give it to us straight. Priscilla has had some difficult times leading up to her time on the show, but she has worked so hard to do the thing, and she feels that she will win because of her determination. Landon refuses to be crowned just to be a token, he wants to be crowned because he deserves it. Even if he doesn’t win, the art he has created in his time on the show has made it all worth it. Dollya talks about the two years of planning it took her to get to this point, and that she is hurt that no one believes in her. She has come far too far, though, to stop now.

Next week is the grand finale, come Hell, high water, or distribution troubles. This could be the strongest top three so far, to the point where the scoreboard to date may only mean so much as the final floor show draws closer.

Dragula Season 3 Episode 9 Review