New Book 'Taking Shape: Developing Halloween' Dives Deep Into The Franchise's Vast Mytho

Silver Shamrock. Thorn. White Horses. It’s all in here.

With Halloween on the near horizon, there's no better time to dive deep into the last 40 years of the Halloween franchise, and you can do just that with Harker Press’s brand new book Taking Shape: Developing Halloween From Script to Scream.

The book's description reads...

"Join authors Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins for a deep dive into the evolution of Halloween’s vast mythology. Extensively researched, this is the ultimate guide to the first forty years of Haddonfield history. Rejected scripts, deleted scenes, unused ideas, alternate versions – this is a book about what you did and didn’t see on the big screen. Taking Shape also features new interviews with filmmakers from every installment. Prepare to gain new insight into Halloween’s iconic boogeyman. Oh, you don’t believe in the boogeyman? You should."

Taking Shape contains:

  • Comprehensive story analysis on the entire series!

  • A rundown of all deleted and alternate scenes!

  • A look at what scholars got right (and wrong) about H1!

  • Exclusive details on Nigel Kneale's original H3 script!

  • Comparisons of early scripts to the final theatrical films!

  • A rare interview with H5 screenwriter Michael Jacobs!

  • An exhaustive account of H6's troubled production!

  • An examination of H20’s roots as a direct-to-video sequel!

  • A revealing look behind the grunge of the Rob Zombie era!

  • Insight into how test audiences and execs shaped the films!

  • In-depth dissection of the official novelizations!

You can order your copy on Amazon today.


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