Upcoming Survival Horror Game 'Skin Witch' Traps You In A Cave System With Hungry Beasts

I'm just gonna throw this out there, this game totally reminds me of the finale to Fabien Delage’s found footage creature feature Cold Ground, which I highly recommend that you check out!

Back to the topic at hand, indie developer Blackwood Specter's upcoming survival horror game Skin Witch, which promises to be a return to "true survival horror". The developer states that the game focuses on what made classic horror games great, and brings that aesthetic to the modern era.

"Skin Witch is a true survival horror game, focused on managing limited resources, puzzles, and non-linear gameplay. Trapped in an underground mine you were sent to investigate, you soon learn you’re not alone. In the deep dark, depraved beasts stalk... and hunger."

The mines sprawl in all directions, almost a living thing unto themselves. Traverse them as you see fit. For the sake of saving resources you may choose to take alternate routes, or avoid ones you know to be dangerous.

You’ll need to fight to survive, but part of surviving is knowing when to pick your battles. Ammunition is scarce... run out, and you’ll quickly be devoured.

Skin Witch is expected to hit PC in 2020 and will arrive on Steam wishlist next week.


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