Waxwork Records Brings The Soundtrack For 1979 Slasher 'Don't Go In The House' To Vinyl

Don't Go in the House vinyl Waxwork Records

Available today for the very first time in any format, the complete soundtrack for the 1979 slasher Don't Go in the House comes to vinyl as a deluxe double LP package from Waxwork Records!

The soundtrack by Richard Einhorn (Shock Waves, The Prowler) features the composer’s known minimal electronic scoring style which implements early, analog synthesizers fused with dissonant, haunting sound design. Waxwork’s debut soundtrack release to Don't Go in the House features the complete film music composed by Einhorn, and also includes additional and unused music scored for the film by Einhorn that is also previously unreleased.

The album features include 2xLP 180 gram "Steel and Smoke" colored vinyl, new art by Marc Schoenbach, deluxe packaging, old style gatefold jackets with satin coating, and re-mastered audio from the original analog master tapes.

Don't Go in the House follows the character Donald Kohler who was abused by his mother starting from an early age. Donald become obsessed with fire, and after his mother’s death, he begins a killing spree by abducting women, taking them home, and burning them alive.

Head on over to Waxwork's site and order yours today for $35!

Don't Go in the House Vinyl Waxwork Records

Don't Go in the House Vinyl Waxwork Records

Don't Go in the House Vinyl Waxwork Records