'Evil Dead' Fan Film 'Dead By Dawn' Is As Impressive As It Is Brutal [Video]

Dead By Dawn Evil Dead Fan Film

With news of a new entry in the Evil Dead franchise beginning to circulate around the web, the waiting game has begun to see exactly what kind of direction the project will take without Bruce Campbell in the role of Ash, or if the character will even be in the film at all.

While we wait, fan Courtlan Gordon has rounded up a few of his friends and created a pretty damn impressive short fan film titled Dead By Dawn.

Not only do the rather well-done practical effects make the film impressive, but the fact it was filmed in only one night with a budget of only $200 is certainly something to be proud of! The film looks like a companion piece to Fede Alvarez's take on Evil Dead in terms of atmospheric vibe and gruesome gore.

All in all, Gordon states that the entire project, set included, was completed in 72 hours!

Check out Dead By Dawn below and tell us your thoughts in the comments! I, for one, most certainly look forward to seeing more from Gordon and crew!