Sam Mason Bell To Reboot Dustin Ferguson's 'Terror At Black Tree Forest' [Exclusive]

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Dustin Ferguson's (Los Angeles Shark Attack, Direct To Video) very first feature film Terror at Black Tree Forest, Ferguson has let us know that Sam Mason Bell (Deep Web XXX, Halloween Hell Night) will helm an upcoming British reboot, which will be simply titled Black Tree Forest.

Bell's other directorial credits include over 50 titles, such as Gore Theater, Welcome To Hell and the popular underground Home Video found footage anthologies. He will lense the film in the Portsmouth/Hampshire area of the South UK this Spring with a planned release as part of the "Scary Six" from SoCal Cinema Studios on June 1st, 2020.

The original 2009 (but released in 2010) film Terror at Black Tree Forest follows a group of college kids who head to the infamous "Black Tree Forest" for some Spring Break fun. However, it's the site of a brutal rape and murder years ago and someone is watching and waiting to start the "Terror" at Black Tree Forest all over again!

In the 2012 sequel Escape To Black Tree Forest, the sole survivor of the first massacre returns to the same woods, this time she's doing the stalking and slashing as the "Terror" has taken over her mind and the cycle of carnage continues.

And finally in 2013's Black Tree Forest III, it's Halloween night and a whole new group of fun-loving teens head out to “Black Tree Forest” for some spooky late-night fun but it isn't long before the "Terror" picks up where it last left off, leading up to the shocking and horrifying conclusion.

The reboot will contain elements of all three films while still telling a new, fresh story sure to please fans of the original trilogy, which will be available again soon on VOD from Wild Eye Releasing.

I'd also like to point out that in the decade following the release of Terror at Black Tree Forest, Ferguson has racked up well over 60 directorial credits, which is very impressive to say the least!

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