Hilarious Short 'Halloween Except The Knife Is 50 Feet Long' Is The Perfect Halloween Treat

It's a common joke in the horror community that no matter how fast the victim runs, the slow-moving killer always catches up to them. Well, in a new fan short from Alex Goyette, Michael Myers has no reason to chase his victim, as his knife is 50 feet long!

In the hilariously bizarre short that's aptly titled Halloween Except the Knife is 50 Feet Long, Michael's knife is super-sized to absurd proportions, making for some rather brilliant kill scenes. If Michael can't catch you, his trusty knife can!

The short features cinematography by Michael Rodgers, and stars Goyette, Nikki Lorenzo, and Rameses Arceo as Michael Myers.

Watch the perfect Halloween treat of a short below! It's only 2 minutes long, so what have you got to lose?


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