'The Grudge' Director Takashi Shimizu Returns Next Year With 'Howling Village'

Howling Village Trailer Takashi Shimizu

Known for both creating and directing the Japanese Ju-On: The Grudge franchise and its Americanized counterpart, Takashi Shimizu returns next year with another eerie tale, titled Howling Village.

Inspired by a Japanese urban legend, the film centers on a village at the end of a forgotten tunnel from which no one has ever returned alive. A dam was built over it in an effort to erase the past, but the film looks into where the people went, what happened to them, and why the place is called Howling Village. The heroine who sees the spirit tries to find out the truth of the strange events that occur one after another.

This film looks like a solid mixture of The Grudge series and The Wailing. I'm certainly intrigued!

Ayaka Miyoshi (Dance With Me, Confessions) stars in the film that Shimizu co-wrote with Daisuke Hosaka (The Shock Labyrinth, Sadako 2 3D).

Howling Village will release February 7th, 2020 in Japan.

Check out the Japanese trailer below. We'll let you know when a U.S. release date/trailer surface.