[Trailer] 'Two Heads Creek' Travels To An Outback Town Full Of Bloodthirsty Maniacs

Two Heads Creek Trailer Jesse O'Brien

Hailing from the producers of the Christmas-set dark comedy Better Watch Out, Jesse O’Brien‘s (Alien Arrival) horror-comedy Two Heads Creek (aka The Outback) will release overseas in November, and today we have the official trailer to share with you.

Jordan Waller (Off the Rails, Darkest Hour) writes and stars in the film that tells the story of British twins Norman (Waller) and Annabelle (Kathryn Wilder) who travel across the world to find their birth mother (Kerry Armstrong). There they discover a dark, meaty secret: the town is run by vicious karaoke-loving cannibals.

Two Heads Creek stars Helen Dallimore, Gary Sweet, Kerry Armstrong, Kevin Harrinton and Don Bridges. Produced by Judd Tilyard and Jayne Chard.

Check out the trailer below, which carries some heavy Hot Fuzz meets Inbred vibes.

Two Heads Creek Poster