First Images From Horror Western 'Black Wood' Go Hunting For The Wendigo

We've gotten our hands on the first images from writer/director Chris Canfield‘s horror-western Black Wood, which is currently filming throughout South Dakota.

In the film, after her family was murdered, Dowanhowee, a Sioux Indian woman, travels alone into the ever-expanding West. She stumbles upon a decrepit town and crosses paths with a notorious outlaw group known as the Dutch Wilder Gang. She discovers one of the men riding a horse belonging to a member of her slain family. Dowanhowee takes revenge on the horse thief and evades the group by racing into an uncharted area known as the Black Wood Forest. Once inside this mysterious land, the Dutch Wilder Gang captures Dowanhowee and after a cruel interrogation the men find value in her and force her to help them with their primary mission; to find a hidden vein of gold. Not long into their journey, they soon discover they must work together and fight for their lives as they have unknowingly awaken an ancient ravenous creature known as The Wendigo.

Personally, I love western-based horror films. Films like Bone Tomahawk and The Burrowers are some of my modern favorites. Black Wood sounds like it'll be right on par with the two aforementioned films and I very much anticipate checking it out!

Black Wood stars Bates Wilder, Tanajsia Slaughter, Stelio Savante, David Fralick, Glenn Morshower, Andrew Stecker, George Thomas Mansel, and Casey Birdinground.

Eric Corneliuson and Ryan M. Hall are producing with Rich Songstad and Chris Canfield.


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