[Trailer] 'The Cunning Man' Collects Dead Animals In Folk Horror Short

The Cunning Man Ali Cook Trailer

Mexico City-based genre film festival Morbido will host the Latin-American premiere of The Cunning Man, a mystical award-winning short film created, written and produced by Ali Cook and directed by Zoë Dobson.

The screening takes place on Friday, November 1st @ 4pm at the Centro de Cultura Digital CCD in Mexico City, Mexico.

Watch the trailer below!

The Cunning Man is a short film inspired by John Harries, a physician and "cunning-man" (a healer who uses folklore magic).

The film tells the story of an elderly and mysterious farmer who drifts through the Welsh valleys collecting dead animals. Refusing the services of the local abattoir’s collector, what he has in store for these creatures is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Cook also stars in the award-winning film alongside Simon Armstrong ("Game of Thrones") and Ian Kelly (Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part I & II)

"I’ve been a professional magician for twenty years and when a magic show is done really well, it gives the audience a sense of astonishment and a feeling of wonder," said Cook. "I wanted to transfer that same feeling of wonder from a live show to a film."

The Cunning Man Short Film Poster