Gore-Tastic Fake Trailer Puts A Darkly Comedic Spin On "The Muffin Man"

Do you really know The Muffin Man?

Fresh off of an award-winning festival run, the over-the-top grindhouse fake trailer for The Muffin Man is on YouTube, a perfect post-Halloween treat!

The fake film's description reads, "On Drury Lane everything thinks they know The Muffin Man, but really he’s a sadistic killer unleashing his army of possessed muffin on the local mall punks and bored housewives."

"While it borrows liberally from B-horror classics of the '80s, it's the common scary movie trope of "creepy kids singing" that really inspired this darkly comic goof on the classic Muffin Man nursery rhyme."

Directed by Brooklyn based filmmaker Ethan Blum, The Muffin Man is packed full of everything a horror fan could want: practical effects, bad puns, muffinized tributes to classics like Phantasm and Hellraiser, and like every good b-movie, a famous guy’s brother. Yes, W. Casey McDonald, who plays the titular villain with endearing cheesiness, is the brother of Christopher "Shooter McGavin" McDonald.

Worth a watch for the absolutely over the top "face mixer" death scene alone. Check out The Muffin Man below!


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