Alex Magaña's Short Film 'Smiling Woman' Delivers Effective Frights [Video]

Smiling Woman Alex Magana Short Film

Writer-director Alex Magaña recently released Smiling Woman, a chilling short film created for the Artlist Horror Film Contest, and we're very excited to share it with you today.

The short takes place on a late night at an empty train station, a lone traveler (Ariel Fullinwider) is terrorized by a creepy smiling woman (Merlynda Sol) who may or may not have malicious intentions.

Smiling Woman Alex Magana Short Film

The short, while under 3 minutes long, makes the most of its runtime with great performances by both actresses, production quality that rivals most independent films that are released nowadays, and stellar sounds by Jonathan Romero.

Upon viewing the film, I was immediately reminded of films like It Follows, Silent Hill and The Grudge. The smiling woman's movements were especially reminiscent of the creepy nurses from Silent Hill. Fullinwider's portrayal of fear is also believable, a rarity for films of this type. It's not often that a short of such high quality crosses my path, which makes Smiling Woman a no-brainer to check out. You can do so below, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!