'Dead By Daylight' Teases Chapter 14 DLC With Cryptic Trailer

Year four for the asymmetrical survival horror title Dead by Daylight started off with a series of bangs, between the long-teased Ghostface added to the Killer roster, and the chainsaw-handed Ash Williams joining the Survivor ranks. Add to this the recent Switch and mobile ports, and Behaviour Interactive’s wildly successful title is, pardon the pun, killing the game.

Today, the game’s official YouTube channel premiered a teaser for what will be the fourteenth DLC chapter. After starting off with a sentence in what sounds like Japanese, we get an exterior shot of a building similar to that of the Yamaoka estate. Inside, the camera pans to a bloody puddle withdrawing into a stationary Oni mask. Twin flames ignite on either side of the mask as the scene cuts to black, leaving more questions than answers.

Speculation is abound, as many fans believe this may be the introduction of The Spirit’s father as a killer. Rin Yamaoka, the eventual Spirit, was slaughtered by her father following his hitting rock bottom, and the subsequent killing of his wife. Many of the People of the Fog are also complaining about the overpowered Spirit, and wonder if this is a sign that she will be nerfed, or even introduced as a Survivor as her human, pre-Entity form.

With the introduction of the Archives, the lore of all of the characters in the game has a chance to be canonized and explored like never before. If this does have to do with the Spirit, it would be the first time that a DLC chapter has revisited a character in any form or fashion, outside of patches that accompanied a chapter’s release. A few multilingual players have suggested that the phrase in the beginning of the teaser translates to “Your blood is Yamaoka’s,” which would certainly lend itself to any of the aforementioned theories.

And if it’s none of the above? The last few chapters have all but hit it out of the park, especially the Demise of the Faithful (review HERE) and the "Stranger Things" (coverage HERE) packages.

The Nightmare Edition of Dead by Daylight, the latest physical release for the title, will be released on December 10th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Definitive Edition is available for the Nintendo Switch now.

Check out the teaser trailer for Chapter 14 below!


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