[Review] Rattail Debut Two New Singles In Anticipation Of Full Length 'Throwaway Kids'

Rattail Call of the Void Space Fiends Review

Rattail has released two singles in anticipation for the release of their full length album Throwaway Kids due to arrive by March 2020. “Call of the Void” is the first single released earlier this year by the newer band from Parkersburg, WV. "Space Fiends" was released later in the year to build up some more excitement.The singles indicate really good things to come, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on when it officially releases. The current songs and new album are/will be available on YouTube and Spotify.

I love the consistency of the outstanding rhythm guitar, the variety of vocals between high screeches and his eerie lower register, and the NWOBHM dual guitar feel throughout "Call of the Void". The flow with the heavier instrumentals on the driving, melodic beats made it super interesting. The vocals were haunting and definitively matched the aura of the void. The song just felt seamless with everything working together so well. The melody peeking in different unexpected parts of COTV was really cool along with a Judas Priest style dual guitar banter. The chorus was super catchy, and I loved the alien-esque fade out closing the song.

"Space Fiends" had a slow beginning, but then we’re met with a galloping beat almost like a dance. I like the key switch ups throughout the song like in the last line of some of the measures. Chorus is very similar to verses with less chugging. Chanting "space fiends" midway through when everything fades out, a fake ending. The guitar rips through accompanied with dramatic drums. The bridge into the chorus is similar to first part of song which I liked they kept the same, with another almost fake ending. The song ends after more chants of "space fiends" and the instruments slowly close out!

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Rattail Call of the Void Space Fiends Review