[Review] Wildstreet's Single "Tennessee Cocaine" Develops An Addiction

Wildstreet Tennessee Cocaine Review

"Tennessee Cocaine" is a single by Wildstreet released earlier this year in anticipation for their full length album under the same title. "Tennessee Cocaine" is a high energy '80s sounding party song, and any fan of the sound is sure to love this. There is no expected time frame for the release date, but please make sure you follow us to stay up to date and make sure you don’t miss the release or any other news!

"Tennessee Cocaine" immediately delivers the '80s punch with a powerful melody from the guitar and a strong beat and rhythm from the bass and drums. Adding in the higher range of male vocalist Eric Jayk, and it’s a recipe for success. I love how the verses are structured, bare except the bass focus and driving vocals. In a way it helps to mellow out part of the song but it’s as upbeat as the rest. I really love the powering vocals with the melody from the guitar. The chorus is very catchy, with different musical arrangements throughout. The guitar solo is face-melting and incredibly Eddie Van Halen-esque. There are lots of great music elements and effects used in this song to enhance the experience and make it feel more 80’s. The song ended perfectly, repeating and chanting the catchy chorus. "Tennessee Cocaine" maintains a great beat/rhythm/melody throughout the whole song. This is definitely an appropriate way to introduce the album with the title track.

As far as the music video aspects, Wildstreet definitely gives the '80s vibe and "Tennessee Cocaine" shot similarly in parts to how '80s music videos were, just much more high quality. Stacked Marshall amps and high bright lights are shown as well as more of an underground feel. The band has long, teased hair with studs, denim, and leather and intense make-up. I like the subtle details that were put into the video. It’s mostly live band shots with crowd shots showing they’re having fun at the show, and edited very well.

"Tennessee Cocaine" is available on Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, and YouTube.

Wildstreet Tennessee Cocaine Review