"Cursed Legacy" Invokes The Spirit Of Yamaoka For New 'Dead By Daylight' Chapter

Your blood belongs to Yamaoka.

Barely giving us enough time to breathe following the teaser trailer, Behaviour Interactive has put out a second trailer for the new DLC chapter for Dead by Daylight, confirming that it will be named "Cursed Legacy." Even with just a handful of visuals, including shattered glass and a falling drop of blood, it seems as though a handful of questions from the teaser have answers.

For the first time in the game's three year history, this chapter will revisit a previous chapter, the latter named "Shattered Bloodline." In its lore, Rin Yamaoka, a gifted student, is murdered by her father in a rock-bottom rage, before the god complex of the Entity pulled Rin from the brink of death and brought her into the Fog as The Spirit.

The question is, will this bring Rin's father into the fray as a Killer, inspired by the Japanese Oni? Will we see Rin as a Survivor, before her father snapped and slashed her to pieces? Could we even see Rin's mother, who Rin found dead as she arrived home for the day that fateful night?

The chapter should come to the game sometime next month, given the schedule thus far. The new retail version, the "Nightmare Edition," is due out December 10, so perhaps the chapter will drop that day as well. In any case, what legacy will it leave behind?

Check out the second trailer for "Cursed Legacy" below.


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