[Interview] Actor Thomas Goersch Talks 'The Profane Exhibit' And Future Projects

Thomas Goersch Interview The Profane Exhibit

Earlier this month, Unearthed Films announced that they'd be releasing the long anticipated extreme horror anthology film, The Profane Exhibit, on home video for the very first time. The film was completed way back in 2013 and features segments by Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust), Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police), the late Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs), Anthony DiBlasi (Last Shift) and many other notable horror filmmakers.

In anticipation of the release, we were fortunate enough to speak with Thomas Goersch, who stars in the segment "Mors in Tabula," regarding the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD and a few other projects the filmmaker/actor has on the horizon.

Crypt Teaze: Hey Thomas, thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions! First off, what are your thoughts on The Profane Exhibit FINALLY being released on home video via Unearthed Films?

Thomas Goersch: Oh, it was such a long journey. Especially in my Dora-Episode. As you maybe know: We shot 2 episodes. But the first "Mors in Tabula" - episode was much too violent, so there came the second one. I love the second episode more. It was hard to wait for the release, because the fans were asking a lot for the release. They lost a little of hope that the film would actually be released. So now its perfect to present the movie and to show this great work.

CT: When the film was completed back in 2013, did you ever expect it would take so long to be released?

TG: In the film business you don't live with expectations. Everything can change from one minute to the other. I was all the time in contact with the producers, because I produced the german episode, wrote the english subtitles for this episode and even provided the catering for the shoot. And I worked with a supporter site on social media. I never lost contact to the movie.

CT: You star in the segment "Mors in Tabula," a twisted medical-centric segment involving a child and directed by Marian Dora. What was it like working on this set and what are some of your fondest memories from production?

TG: We know each other very well. I made other films with Dora and I worked with all the other actors before, even with the child. I was responsible also for the casting. We were the same actors in the first version of the episode like in the second, so it was very familiar and professional. It was a hard story, but we had so much fun.

CT: How did you prepare for such a brutal and emotional shoot?

TG: I am a little bit different than other actors. I don't prepare a long time before roles. I am close to the feeling of other people in private life, so I start preparing just by learning the dialogues. I played a father, but I'm not a father, I'm a son and I know the emotional relationships in a family, even when they hate each other. So emotion came easily to me in this part.

CT: Outside of the segment that you star in, what's your favorite aspect of The Profane Exhibit?

TG: I adore the international mixture. It's great to be in a movie with directors like Ruggero Deodato, Michael Todd Schneider and Ryan Nicholson. I am also in the new Michael Todd Schneider movie Opening the Mind. I met Ruggero and we talked about the movie, and Ryan and I became friends through the filming as well, so it was not just a movie to me. I would like to work with all of the other directors. The mixture is so perfect.

CT: The Profane Exhibit wan't the first time you'd worked with Dora, as you've worked with him on a handful of other projects, including Carcinoma and Voyage To Agatis. What do you enjoy most about working with Dora and what led to your frequent collaborations?

TG: When Dora and I first met we had a common friend, Carl Andersen, and I had no idea who he was and I had no idea about his movies. I loved the script for Voyage to Agatis, which he offered me and I did it because I liked him and the script. It wasn't until after the shooting was over that I realized that he has such a big name in underground film scene. Although, I don't select my directors because of their popularity, I select by having fun together and the script.

CT: Are you planning another project together?

TG: No, there are no further plans for a working together.

CT: Since the turn of the new millenium, you've played well over 200 roles in cinema, music video and independent productions, and you also have a multitude of writing, direction and various production credits under your belt.. How have you continued to find a steady flow of work in the ever-changing cinematic world?

TG: I love to work and I love playing in movies. I am full of stories and I also enjoy working with new directors. I trust in young, powerful people. I love to work even when I get no money for the job. It's my passion and life. I am switching though all genres. I am the beast, the comedian and a sad fool.

CT: Not all of your work has been in the horror genre, is there a specific genre that you prefer over others?

TG: I love horror because I am good as a beast, but in private life I am a comedic guy. I also play in a lot of action and drama movies. I love most to switch every year. Right now I am doing films about the theme of "sex" because I think people are getting more and more sexless. There is a movie coming out soon titled Mister Berger Is Looking for Love, a comedy I directed, wrote and star in, which is set for release next year. It's fun to see how the people react when they see you as a horror guy and in the next movie you are completely funny, and after this completely naked and weird and wild. Next year, I am going to the states to star in a movie about sex and violence. Also, I am still searching for someone who will offer me an acting job as an exorcist. Maybe the church will do so.

CT: You have been a part of many films that are currently in pre and post-production. Are there any projects that you're involved in that horror fans should keep an eye on?

TG: Sure. Adrian, a vampire story, directed by myself with the wonderful icon and actress Manoush. The Artifact, an adventure story to be filmed in Israel. I'll also star as a strange Nazi doctor in The Enemy inside, a thriller, directed by myself, to be filmed in Sweden, and more to come!

CT: Are there any recently released films you've been a part of that horror fans in the U.S. should seek out and purchase/view?

TG: Yes, as you know underground movies are sometimes hard to find. Right now there are Assault Rifle (Sturmgehr) by Juval Marlon and Phonomanie by Mr.Zito (Stefan Peschmann) on Toxic Filth Video and Opening the Mind by Michael Todd Schneider on Maggot Films, as well as Carcinoma by Marian Dora on DiabolikDVD.

CT: Again, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Just for fun, tell us a few of your favorite horror films!

TG: The Exorcist, The Omen, A Nightmare on Elm Street, An American Werewolf in London and The Howling.

The Profane Exhibit is likely to be released sometime next year via Unearthed Films. Stay tuned for an official release date!

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