New 'Dead By Daylight' "Cursed Legacy" Trailer Confirms The Oni And Kimura Yui For Next Chapter

Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy Oni Kimura Yui

Welp. Can't be right 100% of the time.

The newest trailer for Dead by Daylight's upcoming "Cursed Legacy" DLC has, at least from what we can glean from said trailer, nothing to do with the Yamaoka family. While we don't have any background on him, the new Killer, the Oni, is downright intimidating. A demon with centuries of urban legend behind it, this newest monstrosity will fit right in with his Killer cohorts.

New Survivor Kimura Yui looks like a badass, driving around on her motorbike, at least until the Oni stops her dead in her tracks. Ideally, her teachable perks reflect her sleek presentation and affinity for all things fast and loud. The new chapter comes next month, and while my previous predictions have been since found dead in the water, I'm standing by my inference that December 10th, the release date of the new retail "Nightmare Edition," will see the new chapter unleashed into the Fog.

See the trailer below.

Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy Oni Kimura Yui