Necrowretch Reveal New Album 'The Ones From Hell' And Single "Luciferian Sovranty"

Necrowretch Announce The Ones From Hell

French blackened death outfit Necrowretch will release their latest offering The Ones From Hell on February 14th, 2020. This means you can spend Valentine's Day blasting out some new Satanic tunes with your loved ones!

In conjunction with the announcement, the band have shared "Luciferian Sovranty," the first single from the album. Listen to the track at below.

"With their previous album Satanic Slavery, Necrowretch delivered a culmination of the first ten years of the band’s existence and it was with that album all previous tendencies were met in perfect sync. Yet this new offering is the opening of a brand-new chapter. Still furious and satanic yet those who will dare to listen to it in its entirety will discover new musical paths while remaining faithful to their roots."

"Today, it's with pleasure that we spew our new creature onto the face of the earth. 'The Ones From Hell' is a brand new chapter in the history of Necrowretch," the band said in a statement. "Beyond rules and boundaries, we have reached a new level of musical expression dedicated to the Devil and His many names. This unholy spawn will consist of eight new songs, which perfectly serve our impious fascination for Hell. Yet again this monster will be unleashed by the mighty Season of Mist. Down below the gates are opening for the 'Luciferian Sovranty'... Hail Satan!" The Ones From Hell is now available for pre-order.

The artwork for The Ones From Hell was created by Stefan Thanneur and can be viewed together with the tracklist below.

The Ones From Hell tracklist:

1. Pure Hellfire (6:54) 2. Luciferian Sovranty (4:01) 3. The Ones From Hell (4:12) 4. Absolute Evil (2:39) 5. Codex Obscuritas (5:49) 6. Darkness Supreme (5:27) 7. Through The Black Abyss (3:25) 8. Necrowretch (4:37)

Necrowretch Announce The Ones From Hell