'In Darkness I Wait' Continues The Story Of 'The Pale Faced Lady'

Filmmaker Jeff Payne has announced In Darkness I Wait, the third installment of The Pale Faced Lady short film series. Today, we have your first look at the film. The first Pale Faced Lady was mostly narrative driven, giving you some visuals with the story and creating the dark atmospheres throughout. The second short She Will Return went into the ghosts origins and dealt with the regret of bad decisions creating more of a suspenseful theme. In Darkness I Wait will be centered around two characters who go into the house to try and burn it down. They are completely unaware of the horrors that await.

"I'm wanting to make part three a rollercoaster ride of tension and scares," said Payne. "I'm excited to jump into this nightmare to try and lay her to rest for good. I'm unbelievably proud of the cast and crew that have helped me make this nightmare come alive. I couldn't have done it without you."

You can view the first two shorts, The Pale Faced Lady and She Will Return, below!


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