[Trailer] Something Is Killing The Campers At 'Ashburn Waters'

Campers and creatures in the woods are among my favorite combinations in the horror genre, so it comes at no surprise that I'm looking forward to checking out writer/director David Pether's upcoming film Ashburn Waters.

You can check out the film's teaser trailer and first look images below.

In the film, "When Brett agreed to join his friends on a a high school reunion camping trip, he thought the height of his worries would be dealing with his ex-girlfriend and her new flame. But little did he know that the campground, Ashburn Waters, had been closed due to unexplained murders and now his friends are falling victim to the campground's curse, one by one."

The Australian creature feature stars Kyal Scott, Graham K. Furness, Carly Rees, Maia Rose Michaels, and Jade Prechelt.

Pether produced the film with Damian Hussey and Damian Chiappara.

Ashburn Waters is currently making its festival rounds.


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