Rabbit Junk Unleashes New Single "We Saw The End", Special Physical Release Of 'Reveal'

Updated: Mar 6

Industrial fusion darlings Rabbit Junk have been having a stellar 2019. For starters, the band's back catalog, dating back to their 2004 self-titled, has found its way back to prominence, thanks to Bandcamp. In the spring, they released the Reveal EP (read our review HERE). For a special Halloween treat, the duo of JP Anderson and Sum Grrrl put out a cover of The Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero." This past Friday, the group let loose a physical release for Reveal, adding the aforementioned "Zero," a Moris Blak remix of the title track, and two versions of their take on the Dune theme song. Said release is limited to 300 copies, though yours truly has one on the way.

As if this all wasn't enough, the band found time to add one more new single to the lineup, titled "We Saw the End." The track is a guitar-driven, more hard rock-oriented number, with notes of EDM, punk, and industrial peppered throughout. While it's mildly disappointing not to hear co-vocalist Sum Grrrl on the track, it can be argued that the track didn't necessarily need it, either.

Rabbit Junk have loads of content that has come out in the last year. If this is how they operate, 2020 could be a great year for the Glitch Mode artists.

The physical release of Reveal, as well as all of the band's material, is available now through their Bandcamp profile.


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