First Official Poster For New 'Wrong Turn' Teases Film's Villains "The Foundation&q

Wrong Turn The Foundation Poster

I really enjoyed my time with director Mike P. Nelson's post-apocalyptic film The Domestics when I viewed it earlier this year, and even though I was admittedly skeptical when I first caught wind of a new Wrong Turn film (I feel the most recent entries have been mediocre at best), I'm feeling a bit more optimistic knowing that Nelson sat in the director's chair for the new entry in the franchise.

The first official poster for the film has been released today. It notes that the film is "Coming Soon" and teases the arrival of a new group of villains we'll be introduced to: The Foundation.

The film follows a group of friends who decide to take a trip to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia to spend a couple days hiking the Appalachian Trail. They are confronted by The Foundation, a community of people who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years, who don't take to kindly to strangers.

The massive cast includes Matthew Modine ("Stranger Things", 47 Meters Down), Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night, Haunt), Bill Sage ("Hap and Leonard"), Emma Dumont ("The Gifted"), Valerie Jane Parker ("Greenleaf"), Chaney Morrow (Haunt) and David Hutchinson ("American Horror Story").

Dylan McTee, Adrian Favela, Adain Bradley, Jeremy Ambler, Cory Scott Allen, Gary Ray Stearns, Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan, Vardaan Arora, Mark Mench, Joshua Stephen Campbell, Jennie Malone, Brian James Fitzpatrick and Mark Angel round out the cast.

Alan B. McElroy, who wrote the original film, returned to write this one.

Wrong Turn The Foundation Poster