Throwback Sci-Fi Comedy 'The PsyBorgs' Now On Blu-ray From Scream Team Releasing

Scream Team Releasing The PsyBorgs Blu-ray

Canada's most famous action force is here!

The wonderful folks over at Scream Team Releasing have today put their latest indie offering up for grabs, and it's none other than director David Hiatt's retro-tastic sci-fi comedy The PsyBorgs! Judging by the trailer below, this film looks perfect for fans of films like Turbo Kid and Kung Fury.

Set in the future, 2003. The world is strangled in the grip of a madman, the twisted General Blight. Blight commands the nefarious terrorist cell T.O.X.I.N. - a militant organization hell-bent on total galactic domination. Blight and his evil T.O.X.I.N. agents will stomp on anything in their path to ensure that their evil dreams come true, but luckily for humanity, John Carbon and his squad of psychic heroes - The PsyBorgs - are here to stomp back!

It’s the showdown of the century as John Carbon, Ricky Blaze, and Deutsch infiltrate a heavily-guarded T.O.X.I.N. compound to rescue Jessie Sparkle, defeat the insidious WhirlWind, and put an end to General Blight’s evil plans once and for all. They are the Ultimate Force for the Digital Age. They are… The PsyBorgs!

Special Features include:

  • 6 Commentary Tracks

  • Trailers

  • Making of Featurettes

  • Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Gag Reels and more!

Hiatt also co-wrote and produced the film with Braden Brickner and Nick Haywood. Haywood stars in The PsyBorgs alongside Patrick MacEachern, Darryl Jordan, Troy Cooper and Emma Houghton.

100 cast and crew signed Blu-rays are available and those who pre-order a signed copy will also receive an 11"x17" signed poster.

So head on over to Scream Team Releasing's site and snag your copy of The PsyBorgs today! Given the company's fantastic track record of great indie releases, I think it's pretty safe to say you won't be disappointed!

Scream Team Releasing The PsyBorgs Blu-ray

Scream Team Releasing The PsyBorgs Blu-ray

Scream Team Releasing The PsyBorgs Blu-ray

Scream Team Releasing The PsyBorgs Blu-ray