Angel Metro Releases Harrowing "Trauma Bond" Music Video, Donates Single Proceeds To Charity

Updated: Mar 6

Angel Metro is based out of Charlottesville, VA. She blends witch house, electronic, and synthpop to create an ephemeral, yet infectious tone to her music. I recently covered her appearance on Moris Blak’s new album, for his track “Pain,” but I dared not stop there. Checking out some of Angel’s new music, especially her newest single “Trauma Bond,” I found an immediately poignant quality to her music. Even on the bleakest and frankest of subjects, her vocals grab your attention, with the soundscapes behind her keeping you there.

With her new video for the aforementioned “Trauma Bond,” Angel takes the topics of abusive relationships and sexual assault and makes a haunting three minutes out of them. The stills of her tied up, trying to break free of the titular bonds, switch from color to monochrome for a horrifying effect. Strong as the track is, the video is a tough pill to swallow, as it very well should be, given the lyrical themes at play here.

Even better is the advocacy and action that Angel Metro is taking with this song. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the digital single will be donated to charity. The two organizations are the Women’s Initiative of Charlottesville and the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA). The single is only a dollar on her Bandcamp page, though the Name Your Price function would allow you to pay more, and therefore donate more to the charities.

To purchase the single, visit Angel Metro’s Bandcamp page. For the rest of 2019, 10% of proceeds from the single will go to both the Women’s Initiative of Charlottesville and the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA).

Check out the video for "Trauma Bond" below.


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