'Camp Blood 8' Now Available As Part Of 10-Film Franchise Collection Blu-ray Box Set

The killer clown of Camp Blood is back as a part of a limited edition franchise box set from Sterling Entertainment, which contains the entire independent slasher horror franchise, including the newest entry Camp Blood 8!

In Camp Blood 8, the clown is dead and the killings have stopped. When a female volleyball team’s vehicle breaks down in the woods near the infamous camp, they soon learn the son of the original killer clown, spurred on by his deranged mother, has picked up his father’s machete, ready to slay any and all trespassers. As the team’s coach leads them on a daring escape with deadly consequences, the survivors begin to suspect one among them is hiding something that may only draw them closer to the deranged killer’s blade.

Starring Phoebe Dollar (Hell’s Highway, Sunset Society), Domiziano Arcangeli (The Human Race, House of Flesh Mannequins), Sally Mullins (Things 4, "Lights Out With David Spade"), Joseph Haggerty (Camp Blood), and Sean C. Phillips (Devil’s Domain, Tooth Fairy).

Written and directed by Dennis Devine (Dead Girls, Alice in Murderland) and produced by David Sterling (The Haunting of La Llorona, Things).

The 10-movie, 9-disc Camp Blood Collection also includes spin-off movie Ghost of Camp Blood, and the franchise’s best kills compilation Camp Blood Kills. Featuring new eye popping artwork from artist STEMO, the set also includes a killer clown USB drive figurine containing Camp Blood 8 in 4K, and a hardcover photo book of production stills from the series, and other Sterling Entertainment productions.

"No independent film series, horror or not, lasts this long without an audience. That’s why I’ve spent the last year putting this box set together, to make sure it was something special for the fans who’ve supported these movies," says series producer David Sterling.

The limited edition Camp Blood Collection box set is available directly from producer David Sterling through his Facebook page. Titles can be purchased individually on Blu-ray and DVD from the Sterling Entertainment webstore. Digital films can also be rented and purchased from Sterling Entertainment’s Vimeo OnDemand page.


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