Finnish Monster Rockers Lordi Dig Up New Single "I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You"

Lordi ​ I Dug A Hole in the Yard for You Video

Lordi are Finland's answer to the seminal GWAR, with their masks, horror-centric songwriting, and grand costume design. The 2006 Eurovision Song Contest winners have a new album coming soon, entitled Killection, which compiles a host of songs that are, in canon, from the 70s to the 90s. The album's first single, "Shake the Baby Silent," has an industrial feel to it, similar to early Rob Zombie.

The newest single, "I Dug a Hole in the Yard for You," is a monster's take on a love song, with a grave dug for two. The trademark absurdist humor of the lyrics with a synth-ridden chorus brings this track into familiar territory for Lordi. The music video is all kinds of campy fun, with a young damsel quickly going from dearly beloved to dearly departed courtesy of the monstrous Mr. Lordi.

Judging by the first two singles, it seems like Lordi is set to branch out beyond their typical hard rock / shock rock sound with Killection, and I can't wait to see what else the band can scare up.

Killection will be released through AFM Records on January 31, 2020. Pre-order your copy today!

See the video for "I Dug a Hole in the Yard for You" below.

Lordi Killection