[Trailer] 'Hell Nurse' Sells Her Soul To Satan In Exchange For Revenge

Hell Nurse Bobby Blood Trailer

From writer/director Bobby Blood (Terror 66) and 85 Grave comes an homage to 70's style exploitation horror film titled Hell Nurse, and today we have the official trailer to share with you!

Hell Nurse tells the story of a young caretaker who is brutally assaulted and left for dead. After spending 18 months in a mental institution, she returns to the nursing field in a new town. After spotting her past assailants in the new town, she offers her soul to Satan in exchange for the opportunity of revenge.

Unlike many indie films that attempt to capture that grindhouse/exploitation cinematic feel and ultimately fail, Hell Nurse appears to have hit the proverbial nail on the head with its overall aesthetic.

The film stars Mircalla McNeely (Hearse Hotel), underground horror favorite Julie Anne Prescott (Scarred, Moon of the Blood Beast), Dai Green (Shakespeare's Shitstorm), Nailya Shakirova (Bus Party to Hell), Rachel Rigall, Brad Stein and Steve Miller.

Initial screenings are expected to be announced soon. Be sure to follow the film on Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Hell Nurse Bobby Blood Poster