'The History Of Industrial Music: The Chicago Way' Seeks Crowdfunding To Finish Extensive Production

Updated: Mar 6

Industrial music seems to be hitting a revival period, if we act under the assumption that the genre ever truly died. The scene has roots internationally as well as stateside, but the argument for the true origin point is being made by filmmaker Chris Harris. He is making the case that Chicago is the true home of industrial music, and he’s not just telling us so. He is making an extensive documentary of the history of the scene, with The History of Industrial Music: The Chicago Way.

Harris assembled a veritable who’s who of industrial here. Al Jourgensen of Ministry and Revolting Cocks, Marston Daley of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and Metro/Smart Bar owner Joe Shanahan are just a few of the names attached to this decade-long passion project. Add to this modern defenders of the art like Cold Waves Festival founder Jason Novak, and there is a full story that begs to be told.

As has become standard with passion projects, the filmmakers have set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the documentary, with a goal of $23,900 set. As of this writing, late in the evening on December 9, 2019, the campaign has reached a hair over two-thirds of said goal, with just under two weeks to go. The project has been hyped by our friends over at Glitch Mode Recordings, who, for those playing at home, are based in the Windy City.

So, if you’re an industrial fan looking to help what could become the Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey for industrial music, follow the link before December 23rd and donate to what will no doubt be a substantial testament to the craft of the underground.

The film’s Kickstarter campaign runs through December 23. Check out the posting here.


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