[Trailer] Vietnam Vets Battle "Mutant Punks" In Joe Begos' Gory Throwback 'VFW&#39

Joe Begos VFW Trailer RLJE Films

Following its festival run, RLJE Films picked up the rights to Almost Human and Bliss director Joe Begos' VFW, an action-thriller wherein a gang of drug-addicted punks attack a small group of war veterans at a bar, and today, we have the film's official trailer (via Entertainment Weekly) to share with you.

The film hits in theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on February 14th, 2020, courtesy of Fangoria and RLJE.

"It’s a classic siege movie," Begos tells the site. "Mutant punks versus Vietnam vets, which to me are the two coolest sets of characters you can have in a genre movie. So, to be able to pit them against each other is a cinematic playground for me."

The official synopsis reads, "A tight-knit group of grizzled military veterans just want to have a laidback night of hard boozing inside their VFW digs. Too bad for them, though, that a gang of punk drug dealers and supercharged addicts have other plans for their unsuspecting elders."

VFW stars Stephen Lang, William Sadler, Martin Kove and Fred Williamson.

Max Brallier and Matthew McArdle co-wrote the film's script.