'Her Smell' Director Alex Ross Perry To Re-Adapt Stephen King's 'The Dark Half'

Both Stephen King's IT and Pet Sematary received re-adaptations this year, and with a brand new adaptation of The Stand on the way in the form of a TV series, we've now learned that King's 1989 novel The Dark Half is also being mined yet again.

Variety reports that Her Smell director Alex Ross Perry is on board to helm the film for MGM.

King wrote the book about a novelist whose pseudonym comes to life as a murderous twin after his own pen name, Richard Bachman, was revealed.

MGM first adapted a film version in 1993 with zombie horror icon George Romero directing and Timothy Hutton starring. Hutton portrayed the best-selling author Thad Beaumont, who also sells grisly crime novels under the name George Stark. When the pseudonym is exposed, the author and his wife give the other author a ceremonial burial — resulting in George Stark coming alive and going on a murder spree.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I really enjoy Romero's adaptation, but as the site notes, the movie was unfortunately a box office flop, grossing $10 million from a $15 million budget. Let's hope this new adaptation fares a bit better.


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