Holiday Mash-Up Of Mariah Carey X Marilyn Manson Let Loose By YouTuber Bill McClintock

We’ve been covering our fair share of parody and mash-up songs here on CryptTeaze lately, but damn if this one doesn’t take the cake.

You can save your #Whammageddon, cuz if you make it through the holiday season without hearing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” so much as once, you are clearly the second coming, and would you please sign my lunchbox. Take the massive vocal range of Carey and the bells from the intro and put it over the thumping drum intro of Marilyn Manson’s bonafide classic “The Beautiful People,” and some would call you a madman.

Bill McClintock, for making this mash-up, you’re a fucking madman. A comedic genius, but a fucking madman.

I’m not even sure I can bring myself to play music critic for this one. It’s truly a “you have got to hear this for yourself, it’s absolutely bonkers batshit crazy.” The songs fit entirely too well together. It’s terrifying how well they intermingle.

So, if you’re looking to troll your office Christmas party, your friend’s Yule, or your in-law’s holiday gathering, call this track up and let the Mariah X Manson madness ensue!

Check out the hilarious mashup "All I Want for Christmas Is the Beautiful People" below.


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