Play As A Giant Spider And Kill High Schoolers In Survival Horror Game 'Last Year: Afterdark&#39

Last Year: Afterdark Gameplay Trailer Steam

Released on Windows back in 2018, Last Year is an asymmetric horror game in which players team up with four other Classmates to survive against a sixth player controlling a dreadful, horrifying Fiend.

Now available on Steam as of December 10th, Last Year: Afterdark is a free expansion to the Last Year universe and is the unveiling of a brand new playable Fiend: The Spider!

This latest expansion is the debut of Last Year on Steam and is set in a gritty, savage world that’s been overrun by a menacing creature infestation. The infestation introduces PVE to Last Year’s asymmetric formula, and delivers a deeper, more brutal survival layer for both Fiends and Classmates.

In this update, East Side High School has been redesigned and re-imagined. Players will enter the world on their own terms thanks to another brand new feature: Maining. Players can now play as any Fiend or Classmate 100% of the time, as the original character selection system has been completely overhauled from the ground up.

Chapter 1: Afterdark also introduces a brand new progression and customization system. Fiends and Classmates are rewarded for good deeds with unlockable cosmetics, emotes, and arcane abilities. With each new Chapter comes a new batch of unlockable content, but that content is ONLY available to be unlocked during the Chapter. Once a player unlocks a piece of content during a Chapter, they’ll have that item forever, but to own it they’ll have to unlock it before the next Chapter begins.

"There are tons of new features that we’re excited to start sharing, and the development team is working on new Chapters that we can’t wait to surprise you with," said developer Elastic Games. "Last Year is a sandbox for horror that will bring new and unexpected Fiends and features with each new release."

Check out the brand-new, creepy crawly gameplay trailer below!