Scott Derrickson Promises Next Project Following 'Doctor Strange' Sequel To Be R-Rated Horror

Updated: Mar 6

Not all horror directors stick with the genre through and through. Sam Raimi directed the Spider-Man trilogy of the 2000s, Peter Jackson transitioned from splatter flicks to sweeping epics like King Kong and The Hobbit, and Jordan Peele famously started off with comedic films and programs before creating nightmares like Us.

Writer/director Scott Derrickson's last true work of horror was his hand in writing 2015's Sinister 2, before taking the helm of Marvel's Doctor Strange. While reports say that the sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, will have elements of suspense and horror, Derrickson will make a full-fledged return to the genre soon.

Yesterday, Derrickson tweeted the following: "after Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, I'll go straight into a horror film I've already written with @massawyrm [C. Robert Cargill]."

Cargill would add later that said film will be an adaptation of the work of Joe Hill. Taking on the work of the son of Stephen King is a tall order, but given these two's respective track records, they can certainly handle it.

That being said, Hill himself already gave his stamp of approval, saying that the two "delivered a raw, scary, beautiful thriller," the last thirty pages of the screenplay he claimed to have "machine-gunned through."


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