[Trailer] Xbox Series X Will Launch Holiday 2020

At last night's Game Awards, Xbox officially announced their new console, the Xbox Series X, which was known as Project Scarlett up until this point.

The new iteration of the device will have four times the processing power of the Xbox One, and looks far more like a PC tower than previous home consoles. The console boasts world-class visuals in 4K at 60FPS, with possibility of up to 120FPS, including support for Variable Refresh Rate, and 8K capability.

Microsoft states that the Xbox Series X will feature "backward compatibility" and will support most Xbox One games across four generations of gaming and also support Xbox One discs and gaming accessories. Xbox Game Pass will also be available to the console users.

Alongside Xbox Series X, the new Xbox Wireless Controller was unveiled. Its size and shape have been refined to accommodate an even wider range of people, and it also features a new "Share" button to make capturing screenshots and game clips simple and an advanced d-pad derived from the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller.

"Xbox Series X will be our fastest, most powerful console ever and set a new bar for performance, speed and compatibility, allowing you to bring your gaming legacy, thousands of games from three generations and more forward with you," said Xbox head Phil Spencer. "Its industrial design enables us to deliver four times the processing power of Xbox One X in the most quiet and efficient way, something that is critically important in delivering truly immersive gameplay. We also designed Xbox Series X to support both vertical and horizontal orientation. It’s bold and unique, very much like our fans around the world and the team of collaborators and innovators who built it."

The console will arrive sometime in Holiday 2020. Check out the announcement trailer below!


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