"Game Of Thrones" Creators To Adapt H.P. Lovecraft Thriller For Warner Bros.

H.P. Lovecraft David Benioff D.B. Weiss Warner Bros.

Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, From Beyond, Dagon and Castle Freak, as well as Jean-Paul Ouellette's The Unnamable, are just a few notable H.P. Lovecraft adaptations that come to mind when looking at the horror genre, and with Richard Stanley's Nicolas Cage-starring Color Out of Space set to release late next month, we've now learned of another Lovecraft based film that's currently in the works.

Inspired by Hans Rodionoff’s graphic novel Lovecraft, the project set up at Warner Bros. comes from "Game of Thrones" creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Deadline reports.

The site details, "I’m told the movie asks a horrifying question: what if H.P. Lovecraft wasn’t making it up? What if the monsters he created are real? Also, the movie will be set in 1920 within the Cthulhu mythos."

Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (Aeon Flux, The Invitation) are set to write the script, while Karyn Kusama (Jennifer's Body, Destroyer, The Invitation) will executive produce.

Let's hope Benioff and Weiss can take Lovecraft in a better direction than the works of George RR Martin, because for me personally, "Game of Thrones" final season was probably the biggest disappointment of the decade.