Glenn Danzig Has Wrapped Filming On His Vampire Spaghetti Western Starring Devon Sawa

Glenn Danzig's directorial debut Verotika is headed to Blu-ray early next year from Cleopatra Entertainment, and while it continues to screen at special events across the country, we've got an update on Danzig's follow up to his instant cult hit, which is described as a "vampire spaghetti western."

During a Verotika (read our review) screening at the Philadelphia Film Society last week, Danzig was on hand for a Q&A, during which he revealed Devon Sawa (seen above in Idle Hands; Casper, Final Destination, The Fanatic) stars in the film and that it's already wrapped production! It's also rumored that the film has been titled Death Rider.

"We just finished my vampire spaghetti western," Danzig told audiences at the Philadelphia screening. "It’s much different [from Verotika], of course, because there’s no comic book to follow. So we had pretty free rein in the movie…All the characters have like a traditional vampire name and a traditional western name…A lot of guest cameos in it — some friends of mine came in and did some cameos in the movie. It’s, again, based on the European cinema."

"The Italians loved American westerns so much, they started doing their own westerns," he continued. "And they got Clint Eastwood and Henry Fonda and a bunch of other actors — Charles Bronson — to come over and do these wild Italian westerns. And we eventually started calling them spaghetti westerns. In mine, everybody’s a vampire. So you don’t have to wait around to see the vampire — everybody’s a vampire. You don’t have to wait around to see blood — you’re gonna see lots of blood."

He also revealed that he makes a cameo appearance in the film, but note that it's a very brief one: "It’s such a small part, but it was a lot of fun. I get to get all bloody, which I love being bloody — it’s part of what I do."

At this time, further casting and plot details are being kept under wraps. Stay tuned for more updates!

You can watch the entire Q&A below.


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