'Phantasm' Sphere Collection Now Available At Best Buy, Black Edition Cancelled

After what seems like an eon-long waiting period, Well Go USA’s highly-anticipated Phantasm Sphere Collection is now available for purchase at Best Buy for $99 is now available for purchase at Best Buy for $99! The white variant, that is...

Unfortunately, The Phantasm Archives reports that they've confirmed the black version has officially been cancelled, a bummer for sure, but at least the collection finally made its way to retail after months of being delayed!

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Don Coscarelli's cult classic Phantasm, the limited edition Blu-ray set includes complete film franchise, as well as an officially authorized, full-scale replica of the original killer sphere prop!

The Phantasm Sphere Collection, in addition to all the Phantasm films and the supplemental materials included in Well Go's previous box set, will be packed with new extras. The centerpiece will be a meticulous 4K restoration of 1988’s Phantasm II, personally supervised by Coscarelli. Other phantastic extras include a newly-created Dolby Atmos track of the original Phantasm (by Post Haste Digital) and a new, longer feature-length documentary on the making of Phantasm: Ravager.

Personally, since I already own the previous box set, I can't really justify double dipping just to get the sphere replica and a few extra features, but if you have yet to make the jump to Blu-ray in regards to the Phantasm franchise, you certainly can't go wrong with grabbing this new collection!


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