Suicide Silence Returns To Form With "Feel Alive," New Album 'Become the Hunter" Due in February

Suicide Silence Feel Alive Video

Ever since the untimely death of vocalist Mitch Lucker, the Riverside deathcore act Suicide Silence have had a dicey existence. Though the replacement of Lucker by Eddie Hermida of All Shall Perish made complete sense, the two albums that followed, You Can’t Stop Me and their self-titled fifth record, marked a stylistic shift in the band’s sound. Add in the diehard fans of the fallen Lucker, and the years since his passing have marked stranger times.

Last month, the band came barreling back, with the single “Love Me to Death” and the instrumental track “Meltdown.” Ditching the nu-metal experimentation that came on their self-titled, and going back to their deathcore roots, it seems as though Suicide Silence remembered what brought them to the dance, and are sticking with it for album number six.

If those two tracks weren’t enough evidence, take the newest single, “Feel Alive.” It’s a crusher of a number, with plenty to love. As Hermida growls the hook, “I need to kill to feel alive,” the proof that the Riverside quintet hasn’t gone that soft is evident. Add a brutal music video, which sees a rescue mission that turns into an inferno by its end, and “Feel Alive” is a track to get excited about.

On top of that, the band has a new album, Become the Hunter, due out on Valentine’s Day through Nuclear Blast Records. Following that, the band will tour with Toothgrinder and Jinjer beginning in late April. All of this combined could be the perfect storm for Suicide Silence to reclaim the helm of the death metal scene.

Check out the music video for “Feel Alive” below.

Suicide Silence Become The Hunter