[Trailer] Joey Drew Studios Fixes Up The Ink Machine With 'Bendy And The Dark Revival' Announcement

Bendy and the Dark Revival Teaser Trailer

Stay away from the ink.

Bendy and the Ink Machine was a fantastic horror game brought to us by Joey Drew Studios and theMeatly Games. With its simple color scheme, throwbacks to the olden days of animation, and copious amounts of bacon soup, the independent episodic title won over fans upon its PC release in 2017. Console fans got a port thanks to Rooster Teeth last Halloween, but now Joey Drew Studios have announced a new ink-carnation of the lovable, if a bit creepy, Bendy.

Bendy and the Dark Revival was announced on Friday the 13th, fittingly enough. Admittedly, I haven’t finished the first game just yet, but a female-sounding voice warns the viewer to stay away from the ink and keep in the shadows. A subsequent text card says that the developers are “putting our hearts into creating this game for our fans,” before an image of a cartoonish, still-beating heart brings home the punchline.

No firm date has been announced, but the teaser promises that 2020 will see the return of Bendy and his friends for another terrifying cartoon tale.

Watch the teaser trailer below.