Joey Drew Studios Call Up To The "Cheap Seats" In New 'Bendy' Cartoon

After the official teaser for the new horror adventure Bendy and the Dark Revival, Joey Drew Studios have a lighthearted treat for its fans, in the form of a brand-new cartoon. “Cheap Seats” is an animated short starring Bendy, his canine friend Boris, and the enigmatic Alice Angel. In the short, Bendy is off to the movies, but Boris, his usual companion, doesn’t pick up the phone. Alice comes along and agrees to accompany Bendy, but the film they see is enough to make Bendy regret his decision in the first place.

Now that the Bendy sequel has been announced, we may start to see more of these cartoons leading up to the release of the game. While these cartoon shorts are only tangentially connected to the game (i.e. they are Disney-like cartoons, there’s not really a horror element to be had), they do help to keep the Bendy property in the forefront of the fan’s minds, and that alone can help Bendy and the Dark Revival become a hit like its predecessor.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is available now for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For more information, check out


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