[Trailer] Airbnb Horror 'A Perfect Host' Finds Terror At A Rented Lake House

There’s horror under the roof at this deadly domicile.

A Perfect Host releases February 4th on DVD and Digital from Uncork’d Entertainment, and it will have you thinking twice about the next time you want to use Airbnb.

In director Chad Werner’s film, a group of friends rent an isolated lake house owned by a fitness obsessed man with mysterious intentions.

"Four friends rent an isolated lake house for a weekend getaway. While the dramas of the friends’ relationships unfold, they are continually interrupted by the home’s owner: a health-obsessed bodybuilder named Tad. Throughout the group’s short stay, Tad’s seemingly affable gestures take an eerie and sinister twist, turning their dream vacation into a nightmare. Mystery entangles this tale that questions the blind acceptance of modern-day practices."

The trailer definitely carries some Patrick Brice's Creep vibes. Watch it below!

Kasey Givens, Emily Hiott, and Brady Burleson Johnson star in the film.


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