Josh Graves Announces Casting Call For Occult Horror 'Red Summer Massacre'

This week, director Josh Graves announced that he's ready to round out the cast of his upcoming horror film Red Summer Massacre, which is being described as The Witch meets Feast.

Based on the screenplay by Graves, Whitney Causey Benson and Zachary Bryant, Red Summer Massacre follows a band band called The Hellfires that are on their way to a gig. When the car breaks down, they are forced to stay at a Bed and Breakfast called Red Summer. But something isn’t right at Red Summer. There is a cult like presence! The owners of Red Summer are not quite normal! And the ground is tainted with the blood of Satan!

Previously announced cast members include Brittany Blanton (Don't Fuck in the Woods), Julie Anne Philputt (Shakespeare's Shitstorm), Crystal Cleveland, Whitney Causey Benson, Mia Moon and Samantha Marie.

Red Summer Massacre will be produced by Samantha Marie, Noellie Burger and Heather Bortolini.

If interested, you can find more info such as character breakdowns and contact info over on Facebook. Auditions for run until February 7th. The film is slated to begin production this September in Lexington, Virginia.

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