Trailer Released For Felissa Rose-Starring Throwback Slasher 'Bloody Summer Camp'

Bloody Summer Camp Trailer David Kerr

In 1986, Devilface hacked those counselors to bits...

From writer-director David Kerr (Curse of the Slasher Nurse, Return of the Slasher Nurse) and Slasher 15 Productions comes a throwback slasher film titled Bloody Summer Camp, and starring beloved genre icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Terrifier 2), and today we have the official trailer to share with you.

In the film, the counselors at Camp Trustfall are getting ready for the new summer. It’s all fun and games until one of the new counselors goes missing. Now, an evil lurks in the darkness. Is it the camp legend come to life or does someone else have an axe to grind?"

Shawn C. Phillips (Dead Ant, Ghost Shark), Rita Christine (MILFs vs. Zombies), Matthew Sharpe (A Clean Exit), Matt Burns, Whitney Causey Benson, Rick Jermain and Andrew Irvin also star.

Unhappy with the numerous remakes and new age horror with unlikeable characters and dry storylines, Slasher 15 strives to create new horror with the old school feel of the classics.

A crowdfunding campaign is expected to launch early this year, so keep your eye on the film's official Facebook page for more announcements!

Bloody Summer Camp Poster David Kerr

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