[Trailer] Teens Create A Murder-For-Fun Club In 'Extracurricular'

Extracurricular Trailer Ray Xue

This month, several high-school students come together for a common bloody purpose.

Reminiscent of the Leopold and Loeb killers, Ray Xue's (Transcendent) Extracurricular revolves around one murderous night, in which the connections between friends are tested and where there is no turning back.

"Taking place on Halloween night, this small town is set to experience something truly horrific. And, instead of one or two killers, there are four! Ian, Derek, Jenny and Miriam have chosen their next victims. Now, they must put a plan together to get in and out, before the authorities catch-up to them. But, on this night, these four high-schoolers encounter unexpected setbacks and their plans fall apart. Now, it is rush to cover up their crimes – before their families and community find out the truth."

Starring Keenan Tracey (Polaroid), Brittany Raymond ("Dare Me"), Spencer Macpherson (Brotherhood), Brittany Teo and Luke Goss, Samuel Goldwyn Films will release this tightly wound thriller on digital platforms on January 17th.

The film’s script was written by Matthew Abrams and Padgett Arango.

Check out the trailer below!


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