[Trailer] Deandra Spinner's 'Death Trap' Takes Us Back To Halloween Night 1999

Death Trap Deandra Spinner Trailer

Emerald Wolf Studios has released the first trailer and poster (designed by Sonny Szalay) from director Deandra Spinner's directorial debut Death Trap, which takes place on Halloween 1999, when six friends crash their car and cross paths with sadistic Baptist zealots.

In the film, "What promises to be a night of mischief and debauchery quickly turns sour when a deadly combination of Florida wildlife, inclement tropical weather and a youthful assumption of invincibility set the stage for an accident that leaves a group of friends stranded in the dark interior of the night.

"Quick-tempered Jake (Laith Wallschleger) disappears into the dark. Derek (Nicholas Denmon) and Jamal (Troy Brookins) search for their furious friend while the girls stay behind. Eventually, the girls' patience wears thin and they set out to seek help on their own. They will all soon discover that alligators are not the only predators living in the Sunshine State."

Spinner directed Death Trap from a script she co-wrote with Jason Dale Rhodes. The film also stars Bruce Klefstad, Emma Butler, Mercedes Gutierrez, and Dafni Sufra.

Christopher Smith and Darien Moultrie produced.

Death Trap will premiere on the festival circuit in 2020.

Death Trap Deandra Spinner Poster