Lamberto Bava Producing New Horror Film Directed By 'Demons' Star Geretta Geretta

Not that he really needs any sort of introduction, Lamberto Bava, son of the late Mario Bava, made a name for himself in the cult film scene by directing classics like Macabre and A Blade in the Dark, as well as the Dario Argento produced and co-written Demons and its sequel, Demons 2.

Demons, as you may recall, memorably starred Geretta Geretta as the character Rosemary, who ends up becoming one of the film's titular demons, and all these years later, Bava and Geretta are re-teaming for a brand new horror film that'll be co-produced by Bava and written and directed by the Demons actress!

Chris Alexander broke the news on Delirium Magazine last month following the Horror-Rama convention in Toronto. Kansas Bowling, who wrote and directed the Troma classic B.C. Butcher will also produce.

Bowling will shoot the movie in 16mm along with D.P. Michael Shershenovich (Bloody Christmas, Skid Row) in New Orleans sometime in 2020.

"This is my way of bridging the past with the present and future," Bava tells the site of his involvement in the new picture. "It’s like when Dario ‘presented’ Demons, so I will do the same with this picture."

Although details on the film are currently being kept tightly under wraps, Alexander does note that the film "will have DNA closely tied to Bava’s original Demons film."

Stay tuned for more details!


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